Because the Ghanaian masses are the direct victims 
Source: Ghana International Radio Network, Europe/Ghana

On the Abrokyire Nkommo radio program held on the Ghana International Media Network on Saturday the 8th of August 2015, the Ghanaian Diasporas appealed to the Ghana Medical Doctors to return to work for the sake of the poor masses who are the most affected victims of such strike actions.
The Ghana International Media Network comprises of Radio Akwaaba FM in Germany, Kanawu Radio in Rotterdam-Holland, the Amansan FM in UK, Safari FM in UK, Ghanatta Radio in The Hague-Holland, the Hilife Radio in the U.S.A and the Asempa FM in Ghana.

The hosts, Mr. Kwaku Amankwah from Asempa and Mr. Edward Wireko of Kanawu asked their colleagues from the other radio stations, about how they found the strike action of the Ghana Medical Doctors. 

Most of the contributors who are mainly Ghanaian Diasporas in Europe expressed shock that it has taken the government such a long time to return to the negotiation table to iron things up with the doctors. In the middle of the program, Mr. Wireko read a release of the partial agreement that the government had made with the doctors. Despite this, almost every Ghanaian Diaspora on the program justified that, the doctors deserve the demands for better conditions of service. They disagreed with some party commentators who had been jumping from one radio station to the other trying to instigate the public against GMA. 

They found it absolutely wrong that the government communicators had not been speaking with the doctors in camera, but rather some party commentators had taken it upon themselves to be speaking for the government in public castigating the doctors. The Ghanaian Diasporas affirmed that, after elections, the chosen government is for all Ghanaian stake holders and sectors, so the contributors on the program could not fathom why these commentators had chosen partisan attitude towards the striking doctors.

So the Ghanaian diasporas throughout the program appealed to the doctors, that they had been patient enough and deserve every demand that would make their work enjoyable, efficient and effective. However, since it is the poor masses that are negatively affected because of the strike action, they are appealing to the doctors on behalf of the poor masses to return to work. It is a known fact that, very few of these politicians even access the medical services from the public hospitals in Ghana because they have the money to spend on expensive private medical services or even go abroad for “quality” medical services. Since the strikes do not affect them directly, less would be done to get the doctors back to work.

Additionally, the contributors on the program sent a word of advice to the Media men and women in Ghana, who out of mischief, do not call the right people to their programs for questioning on such issues, but rather involve party members who at the least opportunity use such platforms to score cheap and unnecessary political points. It is about time, journalists in Ghana stand up to defend the rights of the needy and the poor masses, the Ghanaian Diasporas pleaded.

Onuapa Francis Owusu Peprah
Radio Akwaaba FM, Mannheim,Germany


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