Source: - Some aggrieved workers of the NADMO who picketed at the Ministry of Finance over unpaid salaries have agreed to suspend their action following an assurance that their salaries will be paid by the end of the month.
The workers say they are dissatisfied with the delay in the payment of their salaries despite numerous petitions to have their issues resolved.

About 50 of the workers who are representatives from regions across the country picketed at the ministry of finance on Tuesday to demand the payment of two or three years of salaries owed them by the government.

Spokesperson for the aggrieved workers Abdul Aziz who spoke to Citi News explained reasons for the action.

“We’ve been working for over two years, some of us have worked for three years with no pay, we’ve no reason, we’ve not been hearing anything so we decided to come and check up for ourselves to demand what is due us. We are not saying anything all that we are saying is that we will not go beyond this month without our salary”.

“We’ve sent a couple of petitions to our people at the headquarters and all ministries in charge and to everybody that matters in the situation, but to no avail,” he said.

The workers, Abdul Aziz further explained will nonetheless go by the assurances given by the Chief Director and Director of Budget at the finance ministry to pay them by the end of August. This however came after an initial opposition by the aggrieved workers.

“We are only waiting for the one month he’s given and till the end of this month we expect that if anyone else is receiving the salary, we also receive ours, that is all that what we are interested in,” he stated.


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