Source: - The management of the Police Hospital in Accra has denied reports that their forthcoming mass burial includes victims of the June 3 disaster.

The hospital has scheduled a mass burial of unclaimed bodies in its morgue at the end of August, 2015.
According to the acting Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Corporal Faustina Afia Nunekpenu, the administration has not taken such a decision adding that so far only 9 bodies from the June 3 disaster have not been identified.

She said: “The mortuary has exceeded its stipulated capacity. Over here at the Police hospital we have two fridges, we have one that preserves known bodies and the other one for preserving unknown bodies. Our concentration here is on the unknown fridge and that is why we are having the mass burial. 

"This exercise does not involve the victims of the June 3 disaster and an identification process is still ongoing. We actually received seventy one bodies at the mortuary and out the out of the seventy one several of them have been identified. We have nine left yet to be identified so they are not part of the decongestion exercise at all.”

She appealed to persons who cannot locate loved ones or relatives to visit the police hospital morgue for possible identification.

“If you have not seen a relative for some time now and you have exhausted all the avenues for locating the person, please get closer to us at the police hospital mortuary. 

"We have photographs of all the unknown persons and then if fortunately or unfortunately your relative happens to be part of it, then we take it up from there. We are not saying that your relative that you have not seen for some time now is dead but just as part of your search come to the police hospital mortuary.”


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