Source: - Mayor of Accra Alfred Vanderpuije is leading his taskforce back to Old Fadama to pull down makeshift structures springing up after a previous demolition.
The Mayor is displeased that some residents of the former slum dwelling known as Sodom and Gomorrah have disregarded his directive not to re-build.

But some residents told Joy News’ Latiff Iddrisu Tuesday, "they have nowhere to go".

The June demolition exercise grabbed national headlines for weeks as several hundreds were displaced. Families have lived there dating back to 20 years.

They were bused back to the regions in the north to start life over again. Government plans to re-settle others in Amasaman were fraught with controversy over land ownership.

But the Major maintained that re-building structures there was non-negotiable. In his second return to the site, about a dozen residents have been arrested as a result.

The mayor has threatened another mass demolition later Tuesday afternoon.


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