Source: Kojo Smith / Ghanaweb - President Mahama was in the Volta Region on Saturday to celebrate this year's Yam Festival of the chiefs and people of the Asogli state.
The celebration of the Yam Festival by the Asoglis was brought down from Notsie in Togo where it is still celebrated.
It provides an opportunity to experience traditional music, dance and storytelling skills.
The four-week event is on the theme: “All hands on deck, harnessing the full potential of the Asogli state for accelerated development,” and expected to attract local and foreign tourists.

Highlights of the celebration would include a health walk, an excursion to the Galenkui Mountain, pilgrimage to the ancestral home of Asogli in Notsie in the Republic of Togo, hailing of the new yam, women’s day celebration, yam weighing competition, the sitting in state of the Agbogbomefia and a grand durbar.

Togbe Aƒede XIV brought back the celebration of the Yam Festival which had been abandoned for over a decade.

With the goal of educating and entertaining both Ghanaians and visitors about Asogli traditions, the Yam Festival provides an opportunity for experiencing traditional music, dance, storytelling and a grand durbar to climax the festival.


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