Source: / 16.09.2015 - This story is like a bomb-shell for European countries, where masses of so called refugees turn to! Germany, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia have closed their border and increase border controls. Railway connections are interrupted. Hungary finished building a border defense to Serbia, and is working on a similar defense to Romania. Germany alone expects now 1.000.000 MILLION refugees to cross over to Germany, this year.  (A population of the city of Hamburg!)
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Easy Fake! All you need is Euro 750... (c) Photo Harald Doornbos
You need just 750 Euro, to make the Dutch Premier a Syrian. A Dutch journalist has concerned a forged Syrian passport . It took just 40 hours, and he had the " document " - He used as a passport photograph the image of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
The only thing you need, is the phone number of one of the many fraudsters and 750 euros, "Doornbos writes in an article for the" Nieuwe Revue "
In just a phone call he made everything clear, could even choose a name. Then he send a photo for the "document". He chose a photo of the Dutch prime minister and a fictitious name with the initials. 
"Per WhatsApp send them a picture of the pass before they finish the fake, so you can check if that`s right for you."
Overall, it took 40 hours for the false passport to be ready. Indeed, there is obviously a market for fake Syrian passports. The EU border agency Frontex warned early September, that in Turkey is a large market for forged passports.

"A lot of people get into Turkey, to receive fakeSyrian papers, because they know that they'll get easier asylum in the EU," said Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri the radio station Europe. 1

The customs in Germany confiscated recently a large package, with both real and false Syrian passports.

The language makes it people from other regions, however, difficult to impersonate Syrians. Even if they speak Arabic, it is usually the wrong accent.

German chancellor Merkel is facing strong opposition, from many Germans and other European countries. People who "welcome" the refugees at German railway station, are actually paid, the same as in Austria. (According to official Main-Stream-News, they volunteer, which has been proven as false. The refugee crisis in Europe is the largest crisis since the end of World War 2. According to official German news; just Germany alone need more than 400.000 new homes this year, to cope with the mass immigration. 


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