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News of 18.09.2015: German Car Maker VW opens first foreign-owned engine plant in Russia
News of 22.09.2015: USA "uncovers" the VW "Scandal"...

After three years of construction, the Volkswagen Group has become the first foreign automaker to open its own engine plant in Russia. The Kaluga plant will produce a newly developed petrol engine.
The first engine, which is manufactured by VW in Russia in series, the gasoline engine is 1.6 MPI EA211 series (110 hp). The models VW Polo and Jetta and Skoda Rapid, Octavia and Yeti will be fitted with these engine. In future, up to 30% the of the VW cars produced in Russia, could be equipped with these engines.
According to the Russian News Agency Ria Novosti;

The automobile plant of the Volkswagen Group in the Russian city of Kaluga, south west of Moscow, has sent 70 Russian workers to a three-month training program at the VW plant in Zwickau (Saxonia, Germany).

"The aim of the training programs is to develop professional characteristics of employees, which can be used in the future, at the start of production of new products in Kaluga," a spokesman for the German plant said on Monday.

VW "Scandal"
The models

Worldwide alone around five million Volkswagen vehicles are affected, said brand chief Herbert Diess. An internal evaluation has shown that vehicles of certain models and years are affected, such as:

  • VW Golf of the sixth generation,
  • VW Passat the seventh generation
  • and the first generation of the VW Tiguan.

Diess: "These are fitted exclusively with diesel engines of the type EA 189. All cars of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, which have the Europe-wide EU6 standard, are not affected by the exhaust-manipulation. This applies, inter alia, for the current Golf, Passat and Touran models.

German Abs expert Peter Mock: The man who has accidentally shaken VW...

22.09.2015 - The German magazine in an interview with Peter Mock; Mr. Mock, the investigations of your institute have just meant, that the Volkswagen group gets into a real existential crisis. Are you surprised you the dimension of the case?
Mock: I'm not really surprised. We have submitted our study over a year ago and clearly identified the abnormalities in the vehicles.
Mock: Originally we wanted to examine vehicles from three German manufacturers. The aim was to show that the German cars in the US are cleaner than in Europe, because the standards in the United States are more stringent.

BMW and VW Test 

Mock: The BMW has achieved good results. It has apparently paid off, that BMW combines two different exhaust filter systems.

Q. And Volkswagen?

Mock: In the VW models the manufacturer has installed only a single cleaning system. Passat is using an SCR system where urea - is added - a so called "Ad Blue". Wiles Jetta is a LNT system in which the filter must be cleaned regularly.

Currently the limit is reached only through increased consumption. This is completely absurd. (

Mock: But, the more frequently the exhaust filter is cleaned, the more fuel a car is consuming.
Manufacturers can also buy a larger filter installed in such cases, however. The costs 100 to 200 euros more.

Why the "Dirt" bomb bursts now?

Damage to the German reputation in the world. That alone is behind the campaign.

United States want Russia isolated, they also force European countries, to foolishly "sanction" Russia via an Trade Embargo. This not only relates to agriculture products, but to Technic as well.
It has done already great ham to the European Union, so many European counties and companies don`t follow the USA "Advise".  
VW (Volkswagen) is one of those companies, who is rather interested in peaceful trade, instead of confrontation. 
It`s simple as that! Beside, the "Green" regulations are part of the world-wide climate change SCAM, initiated by "concerned" USA !


Every vehicle, whether diesel or petrol will exceed the specifications of the European / American legislators massively, if one uses the test of Californians for comparison! 
It evades reality, to assume that the measured values of the existing, standardized test methods are even remotely meeting the terms of individual driving behavior.

Global warming the greatest scam in history' 

26/09/2015 - Do you think Global Warming will destroy the planet? Lets take a closer look at the facts.THE debate about climate change is finished - because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the world's best known climate change sceptic experts has said. - Read More About This Scam -

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