Source: - The corruption accusations made against Ghana’s parliamentarians by Professor Stephen Adei, former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has angered many MPs with the Majority Leader of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, joining calls for his head.
According to Alban Bagbin, inviting the professor to the House will help unravel the truth behind the bribery allegations he made against the MPs. The Nadowli-Kaleo MP has reportedly made similar comments in the past but speaking to Citi News, Alban Bagbin said Prof. Adei “has crossed that redline."

“…like I myself was hauled before the leadership of Parliament, I think that he will also have to be given that opportunity. I think the House would have to consider that and take a decision,” he said.

“If he is talking about corruption and bribery; I cannot say that what he said was not true. I think what we should focus on is how to contain it. The only area that he stated that I need to investigate is that the MPs go beyond just demanding, but they also demand for their girlfriends. This is the first time I’m hearing that and so we need to probe further to see whether there is that conduct going on in the house and then try to apply the rules and regulations that we have adopted as a country and as a Parliament.”

Mr. Bagbin explained that it would not help in the fight against corruption if “these things should just be swept under the carpet.”

“If we are doing that, then we are not fighting corruption. So yes, we would like him to come and assist us to unearth this and then together we take action. If we have to sanction members of Parliament or he himself, why not? We can do that either at the Bar or the Court of Justice,” added the Majority Leader.

Prof. Adei had accused MPs of being corrupt and asking for bribes before approving bills.


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