Source: / - Germany is unhappy with Austria for allowing refugees through their common border after dark.
“Austria's behavior in recent days has been out of line,” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said.

Speaking to journalists in Berlin on Wednesday, the minister revealed that  large numbers of refugees coming to the country are from Afghanistan and not Syria.

“Afghanistan is in second place for the number of cases being handled. That is not acceptable,”
 the Guardian cited de Maizière as saying.

His statements came, after months of mass protests in many German cities, against the politics of the ruling CDU/SPD coalition.

According to latest polls, if Germany had elections today:

 CDU and SPD would be below 10% each, the Green Party would come under 5% and therefore out of government. Liberal Democrats came again to more than 5% (7%), the left wing "Die Linke" would fall below 7%. The winner - gaining the absolute majority, would be the new party AfD (Alternative for Germany), with more than 40% of all votes.

Austria already had had elections in one area, and the result was that 2 national parties won nearly 70% of all votes. Austrian activists are staging anti-refugee demonstrations at the Slovenian border, demanding national authorities tackle the problem.

Sweden also is facing huge problems with "refugees". Increasing crime such as attacks with guns, knifes, rapes, robbery. There are about 2000 "refugees" entering Sweden weekly. Sweden's population: just about 10.000.000 ml (Ghana 25.000.000)


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