Source: / - The number of refugees and migrants expected to arrive in Germany by the end of 2015 has soared to 1.5mn (about 30.000 Thousand, each single day) , according to Bild newspaper, citing a government report. Meanwhile German politicians say that the EU must take immediate measures to limit numbers.
There are increasing calls, within the German public, and even calls from chancellor Merkels party CDU, and the Bavarian sister party CSU, for her to resign, as she is made main responsible for the crisis in Germany. Calls for a closure of the German borders sky-rocking.
The AfD (Alternative for Germany), has has lodged a criminal complaint against Merkel.

The German finance minister Schaeuble is not the only German politician from the still ruling coalition who has spoken of the need to limit the migrant flows in Europe.

“I believe that we must honestly speak about the limit, to stop the influx, because we are at the end of [our] tether,” said Andreas Scheuer, Secretary-General of the Christian Social Union (CSU) which is the coalition partner of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
Video: AfD Demonstration in Erfurt (08.10.2015) "I love my country with all my heart" (German)
Germany, already counting 5.000.000 people out of work.

There are weekly mass demonstrations in cities like Erfurt, Leipzig, Dresden and other town, already drawing up to 26.000 Ant-Immigration demonstrators.

Their main chants are "We are the people" (used by protestants against the East German regime 1989, "Lies Press" (Luegenpresse), a similar word creation as "Dumsor", "Shappy Folks" (Lumpenpack) due the false reports in German main stream media, related to the Asylum crisis, the ongoing US lead initiated war in Ukraine, and Syria. 

The Hungarian president: "We have lived as Hungarians 1,000 years. And we want to live the next 1000 years so."

The Polish government said "If we take refugees, then - they h ave to be Christians". The main problem, of this crisis: Nearly 90% are Muslim refugees. 


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