The Judicial Service is alarmed by the influx of illegal middlemen, otherwise known as ‘goro boys,’ at the new Court Complex in Accra.

The ‘goro boys’ act as middlemen and charge for illegal services they render to clients and lawyers who have been visiting the new complex.

One person was arrested on Thursday for allegedly providing a fake receipt to the court.
Citi News’ Franklin Badu Junior who monitored the situation at the court said, “the new court complex has new floors and new offices and it is difficult to locate certain offices such as the Office of the registrar and the others; so any lawyer or client who comes in and is confused easily falls victim to these ‘goro boys’ who claim to have deeper knowledge of the locations of some of these offices.”

Franklin said the judicial service has informed the Police about the situation and has decided to change their security strategy in order to address the problem as soon as possible.

The new court complex was commissioned a few weeks ago.

The 42-room, fully furnished complex was financed by the government at a cost of $50 million.

The Judicial Service engaged Messrs Avangarde Design Services to design and supervise the work, while actual construction was undertaken by the China State Hualong Construction Ghana Limited.


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