Source: - A member of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has asked government to make public the number of Ghanaian pilgrims dead and missing during a stampede in Saudi Arabia that killed over 700 last month.
Patrick Yaw Boamah said such a public disclosure has become necessary in the wake of conflicting accounts provided by Ghana Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Saed Sinare, and the Hajj Board.

Saed Sinare said 13 Ghanaians died in the stampede and other natural causes and a further 22 missing, however, his account has been disputed by the Hajj Board.

Deputy Director of Communications for the Hajj Board, Mohammed Amin Lamptey, said only three Ghanaians died during the stampede.

Patrick Boamah says this is unacceptable.

“As for the number of people who have lost their lives, our Foreign Ministry has not said anything and it is worrying. I was expecting the Foreign Ministry to come out with a clear statement on the lives of the Ghanaian pilgrims,” he said.

Patrick Boamah believes a clear statement on the casualties during the fatal accident, and the number of people who are missing would “bring some calmness to the families of those who embarked on the pilgrimage”.

More than 750 people were killed and more than 900 injured in a stampede during the annual Hajj near the holy city of Mecca.

Saudi Arabia has launched an investigation into how the tragedy happened.

Saudi authorities say initial reports indicated that two crowds coming from opposite directions converged at the intersection of streets 204 and 223 and people started to push and to shove.


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