Source: Daily Graphic Ghana - The Chief Executive Officer of Boris B's Farms and Veterinary Supplies Ghana Limited, Mr Boris Baidoo, has called on government to help make the poultry sector attractive to appeal to all segments of society, including fresh tertiary graduates.
According to him, the poultry sector is a big one; “if the government keeps a close eye on this sector it will create market linkages for maize, soybeans, millet and other cereals, since these crops are used in the preparation of feed for the poultry and also take lots of people off the street.”

Mr Baidoo said that when he interacted with a section of the media when the Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana marked the World Egg Day.

He explained that a state like California in the United States of America, which is the world’s eighth best economy, has poultry as its fifth best product in the agricultural sector and generates lots of money for the state.

The International Egg Commission (IEC) in 1996 met in Vienna and decided that every second Friday in October would be marked as a World Egg Day due to the benefits egg provided.

This year's programme was the second marked in the country after the first one last year in Kumasi.

The President of the association, Mr Victor Oppong Agyei, said that the programme was aimed at creating awareness of the health benefits of eating eggs since Ghanaians had some negative mindsets about the dairy product.

He urged the public, especially the aged, to eat more eggs since it had more nutrients that helped the body fight against diseases and also prevented some eye problems.

He also urged Ghanaians to enjoy their chicken since there were no bird flu cases in the country.


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