Source: - A middle-aged woman believed to have been murdered has been found in the Sakumono lagoon in Accra.
The woman who is yet to be identified was in a red blouse and black skirt.
An eyewitness who spoke to Adom News said their attention was drawn to the dead body by a four-year-old girl who was playing on the railway.

He indicated that the lady might have been killed and dumped into the lagoon because there was no trace of blood around her.

Meanwhile, fear has gripped residents of Sakumono village and its environs in the area due to the incessant murders in the area.

The claim the particularly spot the lady was killed has no street light and poses threat to them.

“This is not the first time this has happened so we don’t go out when it is 10 pm” a resident bemoaned.

The residents are therefore appealing to the police to intensify their night patrols to avert such unfortunate incident.


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