Source: Ghanaian Times - An international non-governmental organisation (NGO) has petitioned the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to investigate the Member of Parliament for Buem, Daniel Akwasi Ashiamah, for allegedly embezzling funds meant for development projects.
The NGO, Portable Practical Education Preparation (PEP), has also petitioned the Speaker of Parliament and the Ho Regional Police Commander on the issue.

The MP and a sub-chief of Buem-Baika, Nana Otimpong Otibribi III, have been accused by the NGO of misappropriating a micro-loan fund of more than $35,000 meant for projects in the Jasikan District of the Volta Region.

Numerous attempts by the PPEP management since 2013 to ensure that the missing monies were accounted for have fallen on deaf ears.

Rather, MP Ashiamah was alleged to have threatened to cause the arrest of Dr. John David Arnold, founder and chief executive of PPEP “at the Kotoka International Airport and thrown into jail anytime he dares visit the country”.

According to the petition signed by the president of the PPEP Board of Directors, Mr. Gertha Brown-Hurd, and sent to the appropriate quarters last Friday, the American NGO had relied on the Paramount Queenmother of the Buem Traditional Area, Nana Appewbea II, to resolve the matter through an ongoing Conflict Resolution meeting in Bodada, but things fell apart at the weekend as there was no clear determination of the case.

Earlier, Nana Otibribri who had apparently returned from the US for the resolution meeting, left at the weekend to his Arizona base, without being invited for his side of the story.

This action heightened the suspicion of the PPEP that something might have gone wrong hence its decision to seek justice elsewhere.

The PPEP is also asking the three bodies to investigate the disappearance of four of its vehicles.

Upon the request of Nana Otibribi in 2011, PPEP imported four vehicles to be used by the Bueman community for a transport system primarily for medical and educational purposes. However, three of the imported vehicles (two Fords and Chevrolet) left in the care of Nana Otibribi and the MP, went missing. The fourth one, a red Ford Windstar, is allegedly being used by Nana’s family in Accra.

A document sighted by The Ghanaian Times indicated that, earlier, the Buem MP, Ashiamah, had convinced the PPEP that he could use his position as then Assemblyman for his area, to clear the vehicles free of charge, yet the NGO ended up paying $100,000 to him as clearing fee.

Among other concerns of the PPEP are a fraudulent deed signed by the MP, deforestation issues, theft, and the MP’s water project, among others.

Nana Otibribi and the MP were alleged to have presented a fraudulent deed on a property of land at Old Bakai that houses the Eagle Nest property in which Dr. Arnold resides and conducts PPEP’s work.

The supposed sham deed was signed on August 30, 2013, by Nana and Ashiamah, but the land turned out to belong to the family of Nana Osekele Nayo.

Nana Appewbea, who has been given a copy of the petition, confirmed the story when reached.

The MP has consistently refused to speak to The Ghanaian Times when contacted.


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