Source: Ghanaian Times - The Brong-Ahafo Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, has alleged that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is diabolically preparing the minds of Ghanaians to reject the biometric system of voting because the party cannot use it to its advantage.
According to him, avenues created by NPP to shore up their votes in their strongholds have been blocked by the biometric voting system.

“That is why every effort is being made by the NPP to discredit the current voters’ register,” Mr. Opoku asserted.

Speaking at a meeting with NDC party communicators in Sunyani, the minister indicated that the call for a new voters register by the NPP was a calculated attempt to pursue a hidden agenda unknown to the general public.

He noted that the NPP was aware that if elections are held “ten times with the biometric voting they will lose ten times,” hence its call for a new electoral roll.

He said what the NPP was complaining about in the current register would still be challenged if a new register was compiled. He, therefore,­­ advised the opposition party to follow the procedure in cleansing the existing one.

Mr. Opoku said NPP is good at playing games that suit them and that they made Ghanaians believe that the 2012 general elections were stolen, only to go to court for annulment of votes instead of a recount.

The meeting, according him, was to sensitise the communicators about the current debate on the voter register and some social interventions being implemented by the government, so that they would be well informed when educating the public.

He mentioned the supply subsidised fertiliser to cocoa farmers, free public bus fare for the aged, disability fund among other policy programmes the government has initiated to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged.


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