Source: - Some Taxi drivers who work during the night have complained that prostitutes are making their work difficult.

They claim the prostitutes prefer to offer them sex rather than pay them the charged fares after driving them to their destinations.

According to most of the drivers who spoke with Adom News’ reporter Shine Acquah, majority of them have fallen victim to these prostitutes.
One of the taxi drivers, Kweku Atta, who switched to night driving to avoid the frequent traffic jam in the capital said: “Most prostitutes forcefully demand that we sleep with them instead of paying us, telling us that those who slept with them during the night did not pay them”.

Some of the drivers said they have been wrongly accused of all manner of offences after they resisted the attempt to lure them to bed and demanded their money.

Other taxi drivers also complained of armed men who snatch their cars when working in the night.

“A guy and a lady boarded my car with the lady sitting in the front seat while the guy jumped into the back. 

“When we got to Zongo Junction (a suburb in Accra close to Madina in Accra) which they claimed was their destination, the guy covered my face with a piece of cloth soaked with powdered pepper, dragged me out of the car and took the vehicle away...,” he lamented.


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