Source: - Deputy Communication Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Anthony Abayifa Karbo has accused the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) of working to provide the utility service providers more money than seeking the interest of the common Ghanaian.
According to him, the commission is quick to approve any proposed tariff increase by the utility companies because they are eagerly working for them to make money.

The PURC was set up as a multi- sectoral regulator by Government of Ghana in October, 1997 under the Public Utilities Regulatory Act, 1997 (Act 538) as part of the utility sector reform process to regulate the provision of utility services in the electricity and water sectors.

By virtue of the Energy Commission Act, 1997 (Act 541) PURC also has regulatory responsibility over charges for supply, transportation and distribution of natural of natural gas services.

Under Section 4 of Act 538, PURC is an independent body and is not subject to the control of any authority in the performance of its functions. The Office of the President exercises administrative oversight for the Commission.

However Anthony Karbo’s concerns comes after Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Volta River Authority (VRA), Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) are seeking tariff increases that amount to over 200%

GWCL is seeking 124% increase in its tariff from GHC 1.78 for 120 gallons of water (5 barrels) to GHC 4 for 120 gallons of water.

When the increases being sought by ECG, VRA, and GRIDCo are computed together, it will increase electricity tariff from 44.50 pesewas per kWh to 102.99 pesewas per kWh, representing over 100% increase in tariff.

For electricity, ECG is seeking 101% increase; VRA wants 108% increase while GRIDCo seeks 31.26%, and if the three are computed, it will result in over 100% increase in electricity tariff.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station Friday; the former Youth Organizer said “the PURC which is supposed to scrutinize the proposals and determine what increases the utility providers deserves are rather interested in justifying price the tariff increments.

The Parliamentary candidate for Lawra constituency urged Ghanaians demand value for money from the utility service providers.

“We must show our anger because even though we pay the astronomical increases our businesses are collapsing because of bad services…We must make sure we get value for money” he concluded.


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