Source: - A creature suspected to be sea lion has been washed ashore close to Sakumono at Tema where the lagoon enters the sea for almost a week.

The creature which was pale when washed ashore has turned brown due to exposure to the sun. Parts of its body have been chopped off by some residents for food.
A fisherman who wants to remain anonymous told Adom News that the creature is known as “Areke” in Ga.

According to him, it is not the first time they are experiencing something like this. He could however not give the immediate cause of it.

Though some residents are trying to attach spiritual meaning to this, he was quick to rubbish it. 

But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is yet to visit the scene after almost a week.

The sea lion has started decomposing and residents around the area fear for their health.

Meanwhile, a Public Health team from Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) said it will work together with EPA and the police to bury it.


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