Source: Daily Graphic Ghana - Turkey has presented a cheque for US$100,000 to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to support the construction of a 5.64 kilometre wall along the Odaw River and the Korle Lagoon.

The construction of the wall is intended to prevent a recurrence of the June 3, 2015 disaster that claimed many lives and also destroyed properties worth thousands of Ghana cedis.
Presenting the cheque, the Turkish Ambassador to Ghana, Ms Nesrin Bayazit, expressed Turkey’s commitment to support Ghana in her time of need.

Receiving the cheque, the Chief Executive Officer of AMA, Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpujie, lauded the people of Turkey for their support for the construction of the wall.

He said,since the disaster, the assembly had put together a coordinated action plan for remedial works to be done in order to enhance the flow of water through the Odaw River channel and the Korle Lagoon into the sea.

As part of the plan, the Accra Metropolitan Works Department would seal off the Odaw River from encroachment and pollution.

Additionally, Mr Vandertpuije said there would be the construction of 600-metres retaining wall and a 580-metre block wall would be constructed along the Odaw River, from the Graphic Road to the Ring Road Central.

Mr Vanderpujie also said a 3.5-kilometre guard rail would be erected along the Odaw River from the Agbogbloshie road to the Alajo Interchange.

He, however, said available funds were not enough to support the entire project estimated at a cost of GH¢4 million.

He, therefore, appealed to business entities in the country to support the construction of the wall that would prevent people from dumping refuse into the drain.


Amandi Saana
26/10/2015 08:47

Streets should be constructed on both sides of the river Odaw to deter settlers.This will prevent them from settling near the bank of the River Odaw since they cannot erect structures on the streets use by vehicles


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