Source: - Minister for Youth and Sports, Dr Mustapha Ahmed believes stakeholders in the nation’s football industry must work together for a fruitful collaboration geared towards the development of the sport in Ghana.
Addressing delegates at the ongoing 22nd Ordinary Congress of the Ghana Football Association, Dr Mustapha denied recent reports in the media which speculated that the Sports Ministry and the Ghana Football Association has a hostile relationship.

“In recent times there has been lots of false media reports that the ministry and the GFA are at logger heads, it is not so.

“The working relation between the GFA and the Sports Ministry is fantastic.
“I will continue to work for an improved working and personal relationship with each and every member of the FA.

He added that grassroot football suffers most when leadership fails to maintain a formidable front in solving the challenges of affecting the growth of the game.

“If we are loggerheads, it is the sport that suffers…let us try and eschew any matter between.

“Let’s practice better governance after this congress,” Dr Mustapha concluded.

The congress which is the highest body of the nation’s football governing body will end on Tuesday November 10, 2015


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