Source: - The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) says it suspects a conspiracy against the party after two security men and two caretakers of the party were picked up for illegal possession of guns.
The security men and elderly caretakers who were stationed at the party headquarters at the time of the dawn raid Monday are under police investigations.

The deputy Communications Director of the party, Perry Okudzeto suggested on Joy News Thursday, the four are the wrong target for any investigations.

He said, the fingerprints of the four party men were forcibly obtained by the soldiers who broke into the NPP Headquarters.

He said the military men during the raid, brought out a sack and demanded that the suspects touch the weapons in the sack.

This was to incriminate them by linking them to the weapon via their fingerprints.

“We think it is a conspiracy…a way to get their fingerprints and then incriminate our people,” he accused

The party has made it clear the state security forces are behind the dawn raid.

Perry Okudzeto wants the police to give a “more serious attention” to the dawn incident and focus on the real perpetrators behind the ransacking of the Asylum Down Headquarters of the NPP.

11 NPP supporters who were arrested after the raid and charged with unlawful entry have been granted bail.


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