Live Text by - Obama: As we have archived common goals with the French, we are still not not close with [Russia]... 
As Al Assad is still the route cause of this crisis.
But we do everything to look for a diplomatic solution, also including [Russia].
We are taking high targets out. It`s not only in Iraq and Syria, but also in Libya.
We will go after every single terrorist network, together with our European partners.

According to Obama, the UN has only half of Humanitarian Aid for Syria available, than needed and calling for more support.
He also says,  that calls for more US-boots on the ground, would be a mistake yet, as US has to find first additional partners on the ground. According to Obama - the US has the finest military and military leadership.
We will go systematically after the ISIS leadership...
When we find strategies, which work, we will double our efforts...
ISIS has a complete disregard for human live.
There will be a new agreement on sharing intelligence.
According to Obama ISIS has now less territory in Iraq and Syria.
We are working constantly to disrupt ISIS... This is no conventional warfare. This are killers, not regular army. 

French president Hollande  addressing now parliament public from France, right now.  
Saying - France is at war. (132 dead, incl 1 British, and many (more than 90) serious insured). 
Our democracy has triumphed from far bad situations...
The terrorists belief, free people will be impressed by horror, but this is not the case.
The French people will stand up.

We are fighting Jihadist terrorism, not only for France, but for all of the world.
I want to call all our citizens to keep their honor etc.
I like to salute our emergency services.
Most of this who did, where not even 30 years old.
The act of war on Friday, was planed in Syria, executed from Belgium.
We need to destroy them, with support of the whole Security [group].

I have send yesterday 10 of our bombers, to destroy targets in Syria. With success.
Syria has become the most important factory of terrorism.
France is asking for more unity, regarding this terrorists.
Over the next coming days, [he] will meet Obama and Putin, to bring this unity.
I also asked the defense ministry to work together, from tomorrow,  with the European countries counterparts. We also have to control our external borders, with support of Turkey.
Faced with acts of War, committed on our territory, we must not show any pity.
French citizens where also killed from other French citizens. We have to protect our citizen, and our ability to live together.  

The enemy has gone beyond a new stage. We must secure the life of our citizens, according of laws of 1955. This will allow now searches at private homes and further.
I like the parliament to vote for this.
We have to involve our constitution, Art. 16, to allow this, also relating to Art. 36, that the military can take over some basic rights. This article need to be adopted and changed.
We need to be able to have a tool, to deal with situations, like this one.

We must be able to prohibit entrance to people, who are holding two passports (inc. the French).
The French constitution is a public pact, a contract, which unifies all citizens.
I ask the prime minister to adopt this changes, due the State of Emergency, to even extend this for more than 3 months.

Live text written between 15.11 -15.41 (UK/Ghana time) 16.11.2015


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