Latest News Update 01.19 Ghana Time: Largest Refuge Camp in Calais (France) is burning.
Additionally, all US-American airlines have suspended flights to Paris. 

Latest News Update 00.48 Ghana Time:
100 Hostages where killed whiles police stormed the theatre, and about 40 people on different locations.

Latest News Update 00.45 Ghana Time: 140 people have been killed, according to RT TV.
Latest News Update 00.35 Ghana Time: 104 people have been killed.
1500 French Troops being called into Paris. 

According to RT TV, the French Police detained one attacker, which said he is part of an ISIS commando.
According to French Police all attacks where well coordinated.
Police stormed theatre. According to eye-witness, dead bodies have been taken out. - 23.57 Ghana Time 


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