Source: - Some judges who were captured on tape receiving bribes from Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI team are still working.
A former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, is claiming the individuals may never be subjected to the same free public screening of their deeds like their 34 other colleagues because the recordings have suffered some ‘hitches.'

He’s challenged lead investigator of the group, Anas Aremeyaw, to initiate the process of filing a petition to the President, Chief Justice and Attorney General, for them to be brought to book.

“Even as I write there is evidence that some judges who were also offered and accepted bribes by the commissioned undercover investigators are still working as judicial officers because the investigators have not yet submitted any petition to the President due to hitches with the video recordings but have notified the Chief Justice and the Judicial Council of these facts. 

It is my expectation that the petitioners will act accountably and transparently by making these facts public and pursue complaints against the affected persons to avoid the appearance of picking and choosing who to expose.

“I also think the undercover investigators have to be held accountable by being compelled to submit for public scrutiny all the unedited video recordings including those for the so-called judges who allegedly refused to accept bribes and threatened to report the investigators to the police. 

Making ex parte contacts with and discussing pending cases with the undercover investigators without reporting it to the Judicial Secretary, the Chief Justice, the Police or informing the real parties to the trial until the investigators made it public years after the event is suspected misconduct under Rules 2, 3(7), and 4(A) of the Code of Conduct of Judges and Magistrate of Ghana (CCJMG). 

Now that they have disclosed to the public the names and pictures of the judges and judicial officers who allegedly refused to be bribed it is no longer within their province to be judge, jury, and prosecutor in determining that the failure of the judicial officers to report the ex parte discussions constitutes praiseworthy conduct or misconduct for purposes of impeachment.

“How sure are we that through the investigator’s selective method of reporting their edited findings some of the officers implicated are not being dishonestly protected from exposure by the anti-corruptionpreneurs? Come to think of it, Ghanaians and the culprits are as a matter of right entitled to view the whole unedited video tapes and not edited copies that give the Government and its covert agents the power to control our perceptions and judgment in the government’s unconstitutional Orwellian Big Brother enterprise.”


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