Source: Class FM Ghana - The flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, has said the majority of people can only feel a change in their lives when agriculture is developed rapidly.

He said: “If we are to make any meaningful change in the lives of the people, our efforts must be directed at this sector”.
“The role of agriculture in transforming any economy and nation is vital,” he added.

In a statement to congratulate all award winners in this year’s National Farmers' Day, the three-time NPP falgbearer said the agricultural sector has been neglected under the NDC government over the last 7 years.

According to him, budgetary allocation to the sector has been reducing consistently – from 3% in 2009 to 1.1% – as contained in the 2016 budget.

“It, therefore, comes as no surprise that growth rate in the sector, which stood at 7.4% at the end of 2008, when the NPP left office, is now a dismal 0.04%,” he noted.

“With modernisation and diversification of agriculture being a key component of the NPP’s 4-point Agenda for the development of Ghana, I wish to assure our farmers and fisher folks that the blessing of oil will not distract an Akufo-Addo-led NPP government from making the agricultural sector more sophisticated, more productive, and more efficient,” he said.

According to him, access to finance, improved training and technology, reducing post-harvest losses, extending feeder roads and farm tracts to as many farm gates as possible, increasing irrigation facilities, and guaranteed markets for farm produce are going to be the nucleus of “this approach”.

He expressed gratitude to farmers and fisher folks for their hard work and commitment to the cause of building Ghana over the years.


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