Source: Daily Guide Ghana - The Ashanti Regional Minister, Peter Anarfi Mensah, yesterday escaped an attack from irate supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region when members of the assembly were voting for the nominee for the Municipal Assembly.
The aggrieved youth, who were against the re-nomination of Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh for the position of Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ejisu, vented their anger on the regional minister in his alleged attempt to influence the endorsement of the nominee.

The regional minister took to his heels with the support of his bodyguard to safety to avoid a physical confrontation with the youth.

The youth indicated that they would have inflicted wounds on him if he had not run away.

Yamoah Ponkoh’s ambition of returning to the Ejisu/Juaben Municipal Assembly as the chief executive was jolted when he polled 21 votes as against 45 on Tuesday.

He failed to garner the required number of votes from the assembly members to be made the MCE.

A staggering number of 45 members voted against his comeback, to the chagrin of some National Democratic Congress (NDC) gurus present.

Yamoah Ponkoh’s embarrassing defeat was not a surprise to political watchers because there were reports that he was not popular in the area.

He was said to have stepped on so many toes, including NDC members, whilst in office as MCE due to his abrasive style of leadership.

This paper learnt that there were shouts of joy at the election venue when it was announced that he had failed to secure the needed number of votes.

Yamoah Ponkoh, it would be recalled, completed his first term of four years as the MCE of Ejisu some few months ago.

He was re-appointed by President Mahama, with his reappointment sparking anger and controversy in the area, notably among the NDC fraternity.

The NDC constituency chairman in the area said Yamoah Ponkoh’s reappointment was a clear indication that the president doesn’t want Ejisu/Juaben votes next year.

Gloria Huzey, the newly elected parliamentary candidate of the NDC in the area, alleged that Yamoah Ponkoh paid bribe in order to be reappointed.


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