Source: adomonline. com - A 27-year-old man, Confidence Kofi Aguyiri has expressed frustration at the slow pace at which the police is handling a case he lodged against a police officer who butchered his arm.

Narrating the incident to Maame Akua on Asempa FM’s mid-morning show dubbed “Abrabo” he said he left home with his two brothers at about 7:45 Pm on 14th June 2015 to collect a phone he gave to a brother's wife to charge for him due to the current power crises.
After receiving the phone, he said his two brothers took the lead outside, and he was left chatting with his brother’s wife.

Kofi said few meters after he left his brother’s wife he heard someone shout his name that his two brothers who were with him were engaged in a fight with some other guys.

He said the quarrel was over when he rushed to the scene, so he called his two brothers to order and asked them to leave the scene with him.

“Just when we were leaving I felt someone was behind me so I turned to look and I saw someone holding something like a stick ready to strike me, so I raised my arm to save my head not knowing it was a machete that he used to butcher my arm and fled leaving me unconscious," he added.

Police officer, Baba Kretah, who is currently at post at the Police headquarters annex at 37 in Accra, is alleged to be the one who butchered him, and he was in the company of another Police investigator who was later identified to be working at the Madina Police station where Kofi formally lodged a complaint on the 15 June 2015.

The alleged investigator who claimed to have more incite on the incident was asked by the station master to handle the case since he seems to have witnessed the whole incident that occurred.

However, Kofi alleges that Investigator, Wisdom, has tried many times to change his statement saying the object his colleague police officer actually struck him with was a belt hook and not a machete.

Fortunately, Kofi said he provided photographs of his gushed hand to the station officer which made him question the unprofessional act of the CID.

He said the case has since delayed after providing the necessary evidence to the investigator who he suspects to be covering up for his colleague.

Following his frustration, Kofi said he reported the case to PIPS where the Police CID upon invitation confessed to the officer who sat on the case that the docket of the case has gone missing.

The CID was then ordered by the officer who sat on the case at PIPS to rewrite all the statements of the persons involved in the case and gather all evidence for further investigation which he has failed to do over a month now.

The young man is, therefore, calling on the Acting Inspector General of Police, Mr. John Kudalor, to step in and assist him get justice.


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