Press Release - The food and beverage Association of Ghana (FABAG) wishes to inform the your station and the general public at large that, the producers of KALYPPO soft drink which is a member of FABAG has not sponsored nor paid a political party or an individual to promote this finest product KALYPPO.
Our attention has been drawn several times to radio discussions and some pronouncements on some political platforms. It is most regrettable that an ordinary picture that went viral should be on social media should be attributed to our member to the extent that some members of staff should be threatened whereas the product itself has become the centre attraction for vilification on political campaign.

We wish to state that, this product and many is internationally acclaimed product and its success could only be attributed to its teaming consumers over the years and not to any political party now and the future.

Those seeking to score politcal points, beit positive nor negative should disist from such intentions. We see everyone as a potential consumer of this product and therefore recognise every consumer as a brand ambassador... ....

Thank you..... Signed;

Samuel Ato Aggrey, Executive Secretary -- FABAG

fabag (dot) gh (at) gmail (dot) com


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